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SITC Intl Holdings Mr. Xue Peng CFO Visiting JBIC


SITC International Holdings’ Mr. Xue Peng visited Japan Bank for International Cooperation on April 17th, 2012.


On March 30th, 2012, JBIC announced they will finance two full container vessels, “SITC OSAKA” and “SITC YOKKAICHI” that were ordered to Kyokuyo Shipyard Corporation.


During the meeting, Mr. Xue Peng CFO sent his appreciation to Marine and Aerospace Finance/Financial Products Department’s Mr. Tsuboi Kentaro Manager and all of JBIC’s members for supporting SITC. Mr. Xue Peng CFO also revealed SITC Group’s business provision and strategic development as well as answering questions by JBIC members.


Also, President of SITCJapan, Mr. Lu Kaixian presented where SITC stands regardingJapan,China, andSouth East Asiamarket by setting base with Japanese style business practices and presenting customer-oriented business strategies.


Though, the shipping industry is in recession, Mr. Tsuboi Manager values SITC’s consistent management strategies and stated when SITC acquire new vessels inJapan, he expressed his intentions to finance sequentially.


In the middle, Japan Bank for International Cooperation’s Mr. Tsuboi Manager, 3rd from left Mr. Xue Peng CFO of SITC International Holdings


From 1998, SITC has acquired 13 container vessels, and 2 new vessels will be delivered from September and December of this year.


SITC Group will continually acquire high quality vessels and provide our valued customers with our AAA Services (“Anzen," (Safety) "Antei," (Stability), and "Anshin," (Security).