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President's Greeting

  Year 2015 will be SITC JAPAN’s 20th anniversary. In 1995, we were formed as a general agent of SITC Container Lines in Kobe and relocated to Tokyo in 2004.

  In the last 20 years, economic environment has changed rapidly in Asia as well as in Japan with new businesses models and development of IT technology.

  Our customer’s needs also have changed with time gone by. In a rapidly changing business environment and customer’s needs, we continued to advance because we properly understood the ever-changing needs of our customer. In other words, our customer’s support and confidence made our growth possible.

  SITC Container Lines operates 61 routes in Asia mainly with 1,000 TEU container liners and connects 58 ports of 13 countries. We provide approximately 360 sailing times per week. Our operation is capable of dealing with vessel’s delay due to dreadful weather in Asia and port’s inadequate infrastructure and demand fluctuation. Above all, we can change our services flexibly with our customer’s needs. This is SITC’s core value.

  We’ll keep growing by providing our customers with better service by improving our shipping network and utilizing our IT system.

  Our customers are mainly Japanese-affiliated companies, but various customers are building networks focused with in Asia.

  Our customers have numerous needs with transportation quality and suitability. By providing booking and B/L issue operation with our IT system, we can provide our customers with visualization and information supplement along with container round use for cost rationalization.

  Not only do we provide such a service in Japan but for us to continue expanding we will also provide the same service across Asia in order to meet and understand Japanese-affiliated companies’ needs. This is SITC JAPAN’s role for all of SITC Group.

"Focus Asia, Your First Choice."

  For the next 20 years, we will continue to contribute to our customers’ value by promising to keep evolving and providing “One and only High-Frequency and Crisscross ocean transportation service within Asia.”

  Thank you very much for your continuous support and being our royal customer.

Lijie Zhang