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Privacy Policy

In connection with the customers’ utilization of our company website, when you are placing bookings or making enquires, due to the need to register necessary information for e-mail response, we sometimes would request your advice about certain information. On this occasion, we will state clearly in advance the purpose, etc. for such information.

We will take good care of the information so obtained from the customers and will never disclose or provide it to another third person without the customer’s prior consent. However, in case we receive request for disclosure from the constituted authorities based on laws or ordinances, we may disclose the customer’s information.

We will never make use of the information obtained from the customers beyond the scope of our declared usage purposes. If there should be any changes in the usage purposes, we will notify the customers in advance and change them upon your agreement.

For customers from whom we have obtained prior consent for message dispatch, we may sometimes send our service information by e-mail, etc. However, upon receipt of the customer’s request to change the contents or discontinue e-mail dispatch, we will stop sending it immediately.