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Japan, We are All Together! 19:00


Dear Our Valued Customers and All Parties Concerned, As Northeast Kanto was hit with devastating earthquakes, many lost their lives, their loved ones; we pray each day for the lost ones to find their family members and friends as soon as possible. Center of Kanto area, starting with Tokyo, the earthquake has caused confusion and inconvenience concerning road traffic, scheduled black-outs, public transportation, which is affecting everyone’ s daily lives and mind. However, as a foreigner in Japan, I have great respect the way Japanese society and people have responded calmly to the aftermath of this earthquake. After the earthquake, SITC Group, starting with China, has continued our container ocean services within Asia and Japan. Vessels are arriving, departing and loading without any problems. SITC JAPAN, representing our group respectfully for Japan, is presenting our usual services to our valued customers. As the President of SITC Japan, I would like to send my gratitude to all of our employees, agents, and all parties concerned, for the devotion you all are putting in. SITC Group was founded in 1992, starting with Japan-China services, have grown remarkably. While jumping up to be the biggest Japan-China container business, our service network was able to expand from Japan to South Korea, Southeast Asia region; Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. Above is a result thanks to support from our valued customers for nearly 20 years. On December 6th, SITC Japan had a 15th Year Anniversary, established ourselves as a genuine Japanese company, and will continue to contribute to the Japanese society. As previously announced, SITC Group have decided to support the ones in due to this earthquake. We are all paying close attention to the progress and results of this aftermath, as well as considering gathering additional donations. We will act appropriately and take action accordingly to the Japanese Governments further instructions and policies. As the President of SITC Japan, I would like to pay back the kindness to Japan which supported me throughout the years. Japan, We are All Together! SITC JAPAN President Kaixian Lu March 17th, 2011 from Tokyo Contacts SITC JAPAN TOKYO TEL : 03-6212-1107 FAX : 03-6212-1108 SITC JAPAN OSAKA TEL : 06-6201-8581 FAX : 06-6201-8582