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Donations For Nothern Japan


On March 11, 2011, Japan was hit with deadly earthquakes and Tsunamis at the Northern side of Japan. Many lost their lives, homes, and their loved ones. We hope and pray for the lost ones to find their family members and friends as soon as they can. We will pray for everyone’s safety and recovery from bottom of our hearts. SITC Group will donate for the ones in need. Details are as follow. 1. Donation Fee SITC Group would like to help for those who are in need, and will donate JPY 10,000,000, as well as additional donations and contribution fees by our employees. 2. Support for Relief Supplies We will take into consideration of supporting ocean freights and surcharges by support groups and organizations, such as the Red Cross and so on that will use our services. We will also, top prioritize their cargos and secure vessel space and containers. 3. Import & Export Support We will take flexible actions for those who suffered and had trouble pulling and, picking up our containers upon this tragic incident, such as extending demurrage and detention. Above statements are our current statuses. For further information and news, please check our Home Page. SITC GROUP 2011.03.15 Contacts SITC JAPAN TOKYO TEL : 03-6212-1107 FAX : 03-6212-1108 SITC JAPAN OSAKA TEL : 06-6201-8581 FAX : 06-6201-8582