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2014 New Year Greetings


  Happy New Year!

  Thank you all for you continuous support.

  Last year under difficult market environment, SITC JAPAN aimed to provide the best service to our customers and was able to sustain corporate growth with SITC Group.

  By solidifying a firm base with our Japan-China service, we accelerated business evolution in Asia with our “Focus Asia” strategy.

  We established a system of “Line Master” for each country we have services to and with our hyper-active Japanese sales representative in Thailand, consistent business trips and trainings by our Marketing Promoting Division employees, we became students of the Asia market and grasped the market by actively promoting our services.

  SITC Japan’s sales representatives became Asia experts not only for Japan to Asia but also for Asia to Asia businesses. With Japanese companies expanding their business in Asia, we provide Japanese-Style services in order to meet our customers’ needs. We also educate each branch in Asia the basis of Japanese-Style Customer Oriented protocols. Not only do we have the trust from Japanese companies in each country, but we also have strong bond with local companies as well.

  In Japan, on the other hand, not only we provide services to and from Japan main ports, we are expanding our services to and from out-port near producing and product-consuming districts with the purpose of proposing high-value logistics routes to our customers. For the past year, with our high-frequency services base, SITC will continue to revolutionize and improve our service networks.

  In the second half of 2014, 1800 TEU sized vessels will be delivered to provide services in our Asia networks and our advanced IT systems officially taking off, we will definitely grow in the upcoming year. With our Japanese-Style business frame, we will keep expanding our services not only in Japan but also in Asia as well.

  We all wish everyone of one you a Happy New Year.

January 6th, 2014 SITC Japan President Kaixian Lu and All SITC Japan Staffs