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Description of 'Notify Party' on export cargo dock receipt


  Thank you all for your continuous support.

  As for export cargo from Japan, there have occurred plenty of cases wherein 'arrival notice' of cargo could not be sent to 'notify party' because 'notify party' is not described on the column of B/L and, consequently, our agents at port of discharge have not been contacted by 'notify party' or the like.

  Unexpected extra cost including demurrage is incurred at the port of discharge due to undue delay in taking cargo delivery caused by not sending 'arrival notice' to 'notify party'.

  In this connection, though description of 'notify party' is not indispensable to B/L description, you are kindly requested to describe 'notify party' with contact address (No. of Telephone, Fax, E-mail Address etc.) so that the above-mentioned extra cost may not be incurred on consignee's account.

  In case description of 'notify party' is not permissible on L/C conditions or the like, it is possible for us, Shipping Line to show the 'notify party' on our cargo manifest only.

  In case you choose this alternative way, you could describe 'notify party' on D/R with your instruction to either your Agency or Booking Party to erase the 'notify party' on B/L.

  As plenty of these cases already occurred. You are kindly requested to take immediate actions as mentioned above to avoid undue delay in taking cargo delivery.

  It would be highly appreciated if you could understand our suggestion.